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Cheeahd586's Resume

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Name: Cheetahd586
Real Name: Drew
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: Wisconsin
Vocal Range: Medium-low to High
Language: English
Accents: American (particularly Boston and Brooklyn), English, and Australian.
I would love to do a singing role! I've been singing in church choir since I was 3 years old, and I also made my high school's varsity choir as a freshman. I am also in one of the top show choirs in the nation. (Onalaska Hilltopper Show Choir) My range is tenor (tenor 1 to be exact). I love to sing in a variety of styles, so I'm open to any singing opportunity.
Though when auditioning, I prefer to stay in my medium to medium-high voice range, I'll take any role. I just thoroughly enjoy voice acting and I'm glad just to get roles. Unlike many VAs I don't really have a dream role, but I enjoy every part that I perform.
As far as voice acting goes, my experience is limited to 1 year. I have, however, been stage acting for 7 years, so I am no stranger to acting by any means. I have been in numerous musicals as well as a few plays throughout high school but nothing professional.

Do not post any of my clips anywhere without my permission